Development of climate-smart and sustainable agriculture (GINOP)

Development of climate-smart and sustainable agriculture (GINOP)

Interdisciplinary Research Group for Promoting Climate-Smart and Sustainable Agriculture

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The consortium of the Centre for Agricultural Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA ATK) and the Faculty of Science, Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE TTK) was awarded a GINOP research grant in December, 2016 entitled "Interdisciplinary Research Group for Promoting Climate-Smart and Sustainable Agriculture". The project aims to support the development of climate-smart and sustainable agriculture by building a rather complex, interdisciplinary experimental environment, and by creating a so-called Integrated Modelling framework software, which is able to quantify the future national agricultural productivity in the light of different climate projections and socio-economic scenarios.

The main objectives of the AgroMo project are:
1. Creating a multidisciplinary research group, which involves theoretical and practical (empirical) experts of the disciplines related to the atmosphere-soil-plant system.
2. Creating an agro-pedo-climatological experimental platform based on a holistic system approach at Martonvásár. We aim to combine the experiences of valuable traditional long-term field experiments and climate chamber stress research with the latest measurement and info-communication technologies.
3. Developing up-to-date climate projections to achieve more reliable estimates of future production.
4. Elaborating a conveniently adaptive (modular, open source) Integrated Model System (AgroMo), which explicitly simulates the operations of the Hungarian agricultural system at different spatial scales: farm, regional and national scale.
5. Developing strategies (recommendations) to sustainably increase agricultural productivity and establishing action plans to mitigate the potential climatic threats.

Project leader: Fodor, Nándor

Main expert from ELTE: Barcza, Zoltán

Participants from ELTE: Bartholy Judit, Bottyán Emese, De Luca Giulia, Dobor Laura, Filep Tibor, Haszpra László, Hidy Dóra, Hollós Roland, Horváth Ferenc, Ittzés Dóra, Kis Anna, Kovács Richárd, Kristóf Erzsébet, Kröel-Dulay György, Lellei-Kovács Eszter, Mészáros Róbert, Molnár András, Nagy Zoltán, Papp Gábor, Pék Virág, Pintér Kriszta, Pongrácz Rita, Rada Mátyás, Salma Imre, Szalai Zoltán, Szelepcsényi Zoltán, Zacháry Dóra