Excellency Network for Research and Assessment of Geofluids (ENeRAG)

Excellency Network for Research and Assessment of Geofluids (ENeRAG)

Web page of the project:  http://enerag.elte.hu/

The ENeRAG – Excellency Network Building for Comprehensive Research and Assessment of Geofluids project is a twinning project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, which aims at institutional networking.

The ENeRAG raises the research profile and excellence of ELTE in comprehensive understanding, tracing and modeling of geofluid systems focusing on their interrelationships through staff exchanges, organisation of sessions and attendance on high-level international conferences; through joint open access publications. It will ensure to fill networking gaps and deficiencies of ELTE, and enhance the S&T and innovation capacity in the field of sustainable development and ecofriendly exploitation of geofluids and their resources by training workshops, innovative video trainings,  summer and winter schools, expert visits, laboratory and field trainings.

Project leader: Mádlné Szőnyi, Judit

Project manage: Erhardt, Ildikó

Participants: Erőss Anita, Zentainé Czauner Brigitta, Havril Tímea, Tóth Ádám, B. Kiss Gabriella, Galsa Attila