CenTrain500 Workshop – 11-13 November Budapest

CenTrain500 Workshop – 11-13 November Budapest

The Research Group for Climate and Environmental Change at the Department of Environmental and Landscape Geography organises a workshop on biological fossil based climate and environmental reconstruction for the last 500 years. The aim of the workshop is to bring together early-career and experienced scientists in the field of late quaternary paleoecology from Central Eastern and Northern Europe who work with biotic proxies and use training sets.

Our primary aim is to initiate the formation of a scientific network with a principal aim of developing regional biotic training sets for limnological and terrestrial proxies that then can be used for more precise quantitative environmental and climate reconstructions.

In order to raise funding for this initiative, to allow us organising workshops, conferences and training schools, we would like to submit a COST Action Proposal either this year of next year for which we had to define a catchy topic and title that overlaps with our aims, but also responds to actual societal challenges. For this reason we decided to focus on the last 500 years, and as you will see in the proposal summary below, the COST Action proposal largely builds on the elaboration of early Warning Signals, demonstration for the public the ongoing rapid ecosystem reorganizations in our lakes and in our terrestrial environments and the workout of policy recommendations.

If you are interested, please visit the website https://riverine.hu/CenTrain500.